I’m starting to be me again. Personality wise but work wise not completely yet. I am enjoying life. I’m having fun. Taking risks. I’m learning. I haven’t wrote in a long time so I guess I will use this time to write about my current procrastinations, worries, events, hobbies and yeah just things I’ve been up to. So, I am dreading packing my stuff so I can move. I have so many things. My room is a complete mess. I am procrastinating my studies, my organization I need to start up and my internship assignment. Anywho, I will try to finish at least half of this by the end of the weekend. 

So…This summer seems to be the best summer thus far. Maybe minus the summer I went to Vietnam or when I went to Hawaii. As an overall summer, this might be the best one. Strange things have been happening to me lately but anywho… I’ll talk about them later. 

This summer, I went paintballing twice. That was fun. I had terrible bruises but it beats the heat. I met new friends. I did something terrible but is not to be mentions. It happened once and will never happen again. Good thing is that we are still friends. I went fishing multiple times. I have yet to still catch my first fish. I will also be fishing tomorrow morning at lake pardee. I’m excited. I also went to six flags with my friends, Kendra, Jonny, Wilson, and Jason.

I might land myself a job for a school year. I hope I do. I really need a job. 

So, I went to a party and actually drank at this party for the first time. LOL.

Today is friday and it sure doesn’t feel like it.

I feel happy to be around people again. I am finding myself to start trusting more people now.

Weird stuff: someone at safeway asked if I was chinese because I looked like his long lost friend. I was really curious as to who I looked like and if I really look like her but… he doesn’t know of where the picture was when I exchanged facebook information. I don’t know if that was his was of hitting on me or if he was being serious. He seemed genuine about it and I believed him. Maybe I’m just gullible.

Incident #2: This guy started to talk to me on the while crossing the street. He seemed really nice and at the end asked me for my number. I didn’t know how to say no and gave it to him. I didn’t want to be mean. To be honest, I was a little scared. I didn’t know what to say because it was late at night and I was scared because it seem a little strange. He ended up calling and I really have no intentions besides just friends. I didn’t want to be mean and just not answer at all. It doesn’t hurt to have another friend right? I don’t know how to show him that I’m only interested in being his friend. When he asked to hang out I said we can have coffee because I’m usually busy. So we ended up having coffee but he was about 20 minutes late so that was his fault. Then, I had to leave for an interview. Hopefully just having coffee is a sign of I just want to be friends. IDK what to do. I have a hard time telling people straight forward and I guess I’m pretty bad at dropping hints.

Incident #3: I was driving to the uhaul to see if I could rent a uhaul to move out. When I walked up, this guy in a mustang hit on me. He said hey gorgeous. I was not decent at all. LOL. My hair was a mess and so were my clothes to think about it again. Anyways, I just kept walking because I don’t know what to say to that. *sigh.*

Anyways, this is weird to me because nothing about me has changed and normally this doesn’t happen. The past 2 years I have been here at Davis this doesn’t happen to me. I don’t know why it is happening now. It’s a bit weird and strange to me. What do you do in these situations? Aiya.

Anyways this about sums it up. I am very very excited to move into my new apartment though. So stoked. :)

Oh as for crushes or potential boyfriends I’ve got none. If there was someone they are pretty much taken. Oh well. Just not my luck. As for Mr. First, I miss his presence once in a while. But he probably forgot about me and that I still exist. He says we are friend but never has he really tried talking to me. Sort of sad but I think I’ve accepted it now. Just really makes me sad that he can speak to others and say yo and I miss you and stuff like that as friends and not even a hi how’s it going for me. He doesn’t need to say I miss you or anything. *sigh* Oh today I just reminded myself of him by finding the friendship bracelet I have that is identical to the one I made him. Sort of stupid for me to wear it. I hope that if he sees it he doesn’t think anything of it. -_-. He probably put his away in a box, lost it, or threw it away. Oh, the tile I made him broke and I doubt that he fixed it. I’m really sad that it broke. :(. Well, I am going to see it as I am now forgotten if he doesn’t wish me a happy birthday and delete him off facebook because its a complete sign that he really has forgotten this friend who really does care. He just won’t let me. I really just want to cry a little because I still feel unwanted as a friend. That’s all I really want, to be good friends. Why can’t he see that. Why can’t he just give me that. It just proves that he really no longer cares and just lies because he says he does. Okay, off this topic. Getting too sad now.

Well, starting this week I will try to stop procrastinating. It’s all in my head and it’s my mentality. I must change my mentality. I can do it. Yes I can. :D.

My wounds are healing. :D

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